Meet Jake

"Each one of us has a purpose in life and that purpose is discovered through being of service to others. When we do things to help others we are satisfying a need deep within us. Together, by being of service to others, we can quietly change the world."

Jake Porter is a business consultant, speaker, frequent TV and radio guest, and a former candidate for Iowa Governor.

In 1988, he was born on the Iowa/Missouri border.  In 2006, he graduated from Lineville-Clio high school.  In 2008, Porter graduated with his Associates Degree from AIB College of Business and later went back to get his Bachelors in 2011.

In 2011, Porter moved to Falls City, Nebraska and worked for the next few years in retail management.  During that year, Jake contemplated suicide and had a spiritual experience that he didn’t reveal until a Des Moines Register campaign forum about mental health 2017.

One day, in 2013, Yahoo called with an unsolicited request asking him to come work for them.  He then moved him to Council Bluffs to work in their Omaha office and ended his retail management career.

In 2018, Jake was a candidate for Iowa Governor and campaigned on a platform of restoring both economic and personal freedoms.  His campaign maintained a heavy focus during the campaign on criminal justice reform and ending corporate welfare and attempted to stay above the negative campaigning as much as possible.

Today, Jake lives in Council Bluffs where he works as a business consultant.  He is currently in the process of establishing two non-profit organizations.  One is designed to help people find freedom from their personal demons and the other is designed to help people find economic and political freedom for oppressive government policies.