Council Bluffs, IA — Jake Porter, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor, says he’s ready to debate incumbent Republican Kim Reynolds and Democratic challenger Fred Hubbell. Any time. As many times as his opponents are willing to throw down. Any place in Iowa.

Fred Hubbell’s game, too — he’s already challenged Porter and Reynolds to three debates.

Kim Reynolds, not so much. She’s left Porter out of her own debate proposals, and apparently pressured Sioux City’s KTIV into forgetting its invitation to Porter to participate in an October candidate debate. Porter posted the letter of invitation to Twitter in response to the station’s announcement of an event including only the other two candidates.

Porter’s response? “Two can play that game. Why not exclude the excluder? If Governor Reynolds is afraid to debate me, I hope Fred Hubbell will debate me INSTEAD of Governor Reynolds.”

“If I was Kim Reynolds, I’d be afraid to debate me too,” Porter, 30, of Council Bluffs continues. “She’s presumably figured out by now that her answers to the issues facing Iowa don’t stack up very well next to my proposals. Republicans always claim to favor limited government — and always run for cover when the real deal shows up.”

And Hubbell? “Maybe Fred’s just not as smart as Kim, but at least he seems to have the courage of his convictions. He believes what he believes strongly enough to take his own ideas into the ring against his strongest competitor. At least he says he does. So, let’s do this. I’ll debate Fred Hubbell any time, as many times as he’s willing, anywhere in Iowa. Kim Reynolds can show up or she can run and hide as usual. Her call.”

Jake Porter is a business consultant from Council Bluffs and was the 2010 and 2014 Libertarian nominee for Iowa Secretary of State.

The Libertarian Party became a major political party in Iowa last year after Gary Johnson received over 2% of the 2016 Presidential vote total in Iowa.

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