On June 19th, our campaign was offered a debate invitation from KTIV out of Sioux City.  Click here to see the invitation.

Keith Bliven, News Director at KTIV called Jake Porter and said it was being extended to all major party candidates.

On August 24th, KCAU out of Sioux City sent the attached debate criteria to Jake Porter.

Jake Porter called John Curry, Vice President-General Manager, of KCAU and Mr. Curry told Jake that the Reynolds campaign contacted them to coordinate a debate.  The criteria in the debate would have excluded Mr. Porter.

Within the past couple of weeks, Keith Bliven called Mr. Porter to tell him he didn’t meet new criteria that were “sent to them by their parent company, Quincy Media.  Mr. Porter noted that neither Hubbell or Reynolds met the new criteria as no independent polling has been released since the primary.

On September 5th, KWWL, KTIV’s sister station, posted an article claiming that Mr. Porter was included in the debate.  On September 6th, KWWL issued a clarification that Mr. Porter was not included because the Reynolds campaign had not agreed to debate him.

—Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story included Libertarian nominee Jake Porter as being part of the debate. That is incorrect. The writer intended to note that candidate Hubbell has indicated he wants Jake Porter to participate. The Reynolds campaign has only agreed to a Reynolds-Hubbell debate.”

Note:  KWWL has updated their story at least twice so we are posting the screenshot below:

The Reynolds campaign has refused to discuss or meet with the Porter campaign regarding these debate issues.  KTIV and Quincy Media have refused to respond to several requests from the Porter campaign regarding clarification.  Additionally, they have never issued an apology to the Porter campaign for twice inviting and rescinding debate invitations.


Are we invited to your debate or not?  KWWL, your sister station, reported that we were invited and now issued an update saying we are not.  Fred wants us in and neither Hubbell or Reynolds meet the polling criteria you provided to me over the phone.  I have never been treated with this much disrespect by an Iowa news station in the past.

Also, I would like to know if the Reynolds campaign had any contact with you, KTIV, or your parent company requesting you establish your updated criteria.

We will be sending out a press release today and possibly holding a press conference tomorrow as well as meeting with counsel regarding the debates so an update would be much appreciated.


Current Status:
The Porter campaign has asked the Hubbell campaign to decline KTIV’s debate invitation.  The Porter campaign has been advised that if Fred Hubbell and Kim Reynolds accept the debate invitation they may be accepting an in-kind contribution from KTIV which could have legal consequences for all parties involved including individuals working for their companies and organizations.

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