We need your help to get into the general election debates this year.

Iowa Public Television has released the following criteria for inclusion in the 2018 General Election debates:

The candidate meets at least four of the following five criteria:

– The candidate is the nominee of a political party recognized under state law, as
determined by the Iowa Secretary of State s office;

– The candidate has made public position statements on at least three (3) issues,
substantially in the form of press releases, campaign brochures, speeches or similar
statements made publicly or on a campaign website;

– The candidate has accepted at least $50,000 in contributions for the current election,
as documented in appropriate campaign finance disclosure information for
candidates for federal office or Iowa statewide office, as applicable;

– The candidate has received more than incidental press coverage, in at least five (5)
bona fide print, online, radio, television, or cable TV news stories that identify him/her
as a candidate for the current election); and/or,

– The candidate has received a minimum of five percent (5%), not including any
margin of error, support in the current election in a professionally-conducted public
opinion survey by an independent political pollster. For the purposes of these criteria,
independent shall mean the poll has not been commissioned or paid for by a
candidate, campaign, political party, political action committee or any person or entity
that financially supports the candidate s campaign.

We currently have three of the four we need. If we win the primary, we will be the nominee of a recognized political party under state law. We have made public position statements on at least three issues, and have easily hit the five media mentions. We cannot force anyone to include us in the polls and they won’t let us pay for our own. We can raise $50,000 though.

Will you help us get in the debates by donating or encouraging your friends to donate below? This money donated specifically to get into the debates will only be used for campaigning after the primary is won. If I lose the primary, I will happily contribute the funds to the primary winner so whichever one of us wins the primary gets into the debates.

In Liberty,