PRESS RELEASE: Jake Porter Announces Libertarian Party Campaign For Governor

Iowa businessman and political organizer Jake Porter announced his plans to run for Iowa Governor with the Libertarian Party during a Thursday appearance on Simon Conway’s radio program that broadcasts on WHO Radio 1040AM.

“We have a government more interested in partisan politics than doing what is best for the state,” Porter said in a written statement. “As Governor, I would do a detailed analysis of every government department and agency in the state and my recommended budget would first cut out waste, consolidate many of them to make them more efficient, and eliminate unnecessary government.”

Porter has spent years as a tireless advocate on issues like medical freedom, civil liberties, and corporate welfare reform. Most recently, he served as Executive Director for the Libertarian Party of Iowa, after helping the party to achieve official party status during the 2016 election. Previously Porter served on the Libertarian National Committee, worked as Iowa coordinator for Congressman Bob Barr’s presidential campaign, and worked as interim Iowa Coordinator for Governor Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign.

Porter ran statewide campaigns for Secretary of State in 2010 and again in 2014 when he won the most votes of any Libertarian Party candidate in Iowa history in a four-person race.

Porter is a business consultant in Council Bluffs and has previously worked for Yahoo! and Apple. He holds a business degree from AIB College of Business in Des Moines.

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