Politicians in this state aren’t looking out for the interest of Iowans. Too often they are more concerned with scoring points against their political opposition. They use the budget as a weapon for partisan gain with Iowans as collateral damage. Instead of cutting big waste in the thousand plus page budget, they make drastic cuts to programs such as mental health facilities, domestic violence shelters, and sexual abuse hotlines, nibbling around the edges while bloated waste and corporate welfare remain.

Recently, I announced that I was relaunching my campaign for the Libertarian Party nomination for Iowa Governor. With the state’s current financial crisis, people have asked me to run. I want to be a Governor for all Iowans. I want to help provide solutions to our financial issues, to take power away from the state and give it back to the individual. I have no interest in partisan fighting and the status quo that got us into this mess.

Sick children and individuals shouldn’t have to wait years for the Iowa legislature to do something about medical cannabis. We should demand leadership from our elected officials. While they play games, sick people are denied medication. While the Legislature and Governor pass cannabis bills not worth the paper printed on them sick Iowans have continued to suffer.

Our state shouldn’t be giving welfare to large, financially sound corporations while raising our taxes and borrowing from the state’s emergency fund. I don’t view a Governor and the legislature not knowing how to make a budget as being an emergency. What happens when a major flood occurs, or another natural disaster happens, and the state has no emergency funds left to use? Recently, our State Treasurer told us that the state of Iowa is on the brink of not being able to pay its bills and that our tax refunds were delayed this year because the state didn’t have the money to pay them on time.

We have a government more interested in partisan politics than doing what is best for the state. We have a Governor and legislature that deny sick Iowans their medication, can’t pay their bill, refuse to cut spending, and gives the keys to the state to big corporations. It is time for real solutions to get us out of this mess.

As Governor, I would do a detailed analysis of every government department and agency in the state and my recommended budget would first cut out waste, consolidate departments, focus on efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary government.

With your support, together we will restore the motto of this great state and once again we will prize your liberties and maintain your rights.

In Liberty,

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