Thank You!

Porter Suspends Campaign For Governor:

The Libertarian Party of Iowa (LPIA) is going through its most significant transition in the 42 years since its founding. History will be made in one week as we file for major party status. The state party is not taking this lightly, and want their best people in the right roles to ensure a foundation is built for long-term success. In the two and a half months since the election, an unprecedented level of interest has occurred, and we are already poised to shatter the record number of candidates we ran in 2016. These candidates require support on multiple levels, and due to my experience level, I have been asked to become the LPIA’s Executive Director.

With the duties of this position, I am formally announcing that I am suspending my campaign for Governor for the foreseeable future.  While my ego wants me to continue the run for Governor, we cannot continue to have major party status without a strong organization to take our message across Iowa.  I deeply appreciate the support I have received over the last year of my campaign, and hope you extend the same level of support for all the Libertarian Campaigns coming this election cycle.  I love you all and am truly blessed to have such wonderful supporters and to have made so many friends during this campaign.

I ask that those interested make a donation to the Libertarian Party of Iowa at the link below:

I want to thank my campaign staff and my volunteers for all of your hard work during this campaign.

In Liberty,

Jake D. Porter